Order History Management

  • To access order history, go to Account and select “Order History”.
    • Click on the order number for the order you’d like to access. Once on your order page, you have the option to email or print order details. You can also re-order items previously purchased by clicking the “re-order” button.
    •  If your order has not been processed or is still awaiting approval, you have the option to cancel your order which will send a cancellation request to our sales team. *Note: This option is only available prior to the order being processed.
  • Under the Order History tab, you can search all historical order by:
    • Ship-to address
    • PO number
    • Order number
    • Date Range
    • Product number
    • Status
    • Order Total

Note: Use multiple filters to search multiple parameters. Press "Clear" to start search over.

   Order Statuses:

  • Blocked:  Order was not processed, please contact customer service for more information.
  • Canceled:  Order was canceled by either customer or Mellott Company
  • Out-for-Delivery:  Order is out for delivery.
  • Submitted:  Order has been received and we are in the process of approving the order
  • In-Process:  We are processing your order and preparing for shipment
  • Reserved:  Order has been placed and will be processed when available for shipment or payment has been received. 
  • Picked:  Order is being arranged for shipment in the warehouse.
  • Partially Delivered:  part of your order has been delivered
  • Invoiced/Closed:  Payment has been processed, and the order has been shipped.
  • Invoiced:  Customer has received notice for payment/payment terms, but the product has not yet shipped.

    Order Tracking

  • If your order has been shipped, your tracking information will show under order notes.  You can then copy and paste the tracking number into your website browser to track shipment. 
  • Tracking numbers will also be added with their respective shipment methods under your order as well
    • Click on the tracking number to be redirected to the shipping website


  • If you have been invoiced and wish to return an item, you will need to go to the invoiced order and click “Return Request/RMA”. 
    • You’ll then select the quantity you are returning and choose a reason code from the drop-down menu and enter any return notes In the notes tab.  Then click “Send Return Request” to submit your request.
  • If you have not purchased on our website and wish to complete a return request, you will need to fill out the RMA request form located under the “Customer Service” tab on the footer of the page.  Complete and submit this form and a customer service representative will get back to you within 24 hours.
    • Web order numbers you receive are specific to website, order number is specific to the order you make through any platform you use