Viewing and Comparing Products

Viewing Products

  • There are several ways to view products.  You can choose default view, column view, or grid view.  Clicking on the product will allow you to view the image.  If you click the image, you will be able to view a larger preview image.  Any chosen viewing mode still allows the same filter capabilities. 
  • When viewing in column view, you can view part availably by warehouse.  By clicking “view availability” you will be able to see a part’s current availability and at which warehouse it is located. 
    • Default warehouse is based on which warehouse is located closest to your location. 
  • Live pricing vs. Requires quote
    • Live pricing will reflect any pre-arranged discounts specific to your account.
    • Parts that require quote need to be sent in separately on an RFQ. 
      • For items that do not have a price, you will need to request a quote.  First, add the items you need to request a quote for to your cart.  You will then scroll to the bottom of the page.  Under “Customer Service” choose option “Request a Quote”.  Enter in required contact information and select “Submit”.   A customer service representative will get back to you with your quote within 24 hours. 

Comparing Products

  • If you would like to compare different products, for each product you would like to select, click the “compare” box under the product image.  You can compare 6 items at a time using this feature.  Once you have selected all items you would like to compare, select the “compare items” box to view and compare your selected items.  Your compared items will stay on your screen while using the browser. 
  • You can remove or add items from the compare screen as needed. To start over, select “remove all” and begin compare process again as outlined above. 
  • USED and CXP parts can not be added to cart if there is not stock on hand.  Feel free to contact us about availability at 800.634.5634 or email us at [email protected].